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Elevate Your Roofing Career with Superior Roofing LTD

Join Calgary's Leading Roofing Company as a Certified Roofer, Journeyman, or Apprentice

Ready to take your roofing career to new heights? Join Superior Roofing LTD and be part of a team dedicated to excellence, growth, and innovation in the roofing industry.

  • Unparalleled Opportunities

  • Competitive Compensation

  • Collaborative Team Environment

  • Safety First

  • Cutting-Edge Projects

  • Room for Advancement 

Alberta Construction Safety Association
BBB Accredited
HAAG Certfied Inspector
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Roofing Career Listings

Interested in being part of our team? Apply now and contribute to Superior Roofing LTD's legacy in Calgary's roofing industry! 

Job Title: Calgary Roofing Journeyman

  • Location: Calgary, AB

  • Job Type: Full-Time

  • Responsibilities:

    • Install, repair, and maintain various roofing systems

    • Ensure adherence to safety protocols and quality standards

    • Provide expertise to the roofing team

  • Qualifications:

    • Red Seal certification as a roofer

    • Proven experience as a journeyman roofer

    • Strong work ethic and attention to detail



Job Title: Calgary Roofing Apprentice

  • Location: Calgary, AB

  • Job Type: Full-Time

  • Responsibilities:

    • Assist with roofing system installations, repairs, and maintenance

    • Learn and apply safety protocols and quality standards

    • Support the roofing team with various tasks

  • Qualifications:

    • Enthusiasm for learning and a strong work ethic

    • Willingness to follow instructions and learn from experienced roofers

    • Dedication to safety and attention to detail

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Work With A Superior Team: Calgary's Reliable Roofer

We are always looking for new skilled professionals with experience in all trades for exteriors. Please apply below and join the Superior Roofing team!

To voice your interest, fill in the contact sheet on this page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! We look forward to hearing from you!

Apprentice/Journeyman Flat Roofing

We are looking for new and experienced roofers for our commercial and industrial flat roofing projects. Applicants should specialize in flat roofing applications including tar and gravel, two-ply, and membrane. Our flat roofing team is always growing to meet the demands of the flat roofing market.

Apprentice/Journeyman Cladding

We are looking for new and experienced cladding specialists to help meet the demands of the growing market! As a team of professional cladding experts, we are looking for individuals who can help uphold our reputation as premier custom cladding specialists in the industry!

Apprentice/Journeyman Metal Roofing

If you are a new or experienced roofer with a specialization in metal roofing, we want you to apply! The growing market demands skilled professionals who have experience with metal roofing applications, such as standing seams. Be a part of the Superior Roofing team today!

Residential Roofers

Superior Roofing is looking to grow our residential roofing team to match the rapid growth in the residential building and renovation market. If you have experience with laminate shingle, interlocking shingle, and shake, don't hesitate and contact us today!

2799 Sunridge way NE-17.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Calgary Roofing Jobs FAQs


Q: Are there any open Calgary roofing jobs at Superior Roofing LTD?

A: Yes, we frequently have openings for skilled individuals to join our team. 


Q: What types of Calgary roofing jobs are available at your company?

A: We offer a range of opportunities, including positions for roofing apprentices, certified roofers, and journeyman roofers.


Q: How can I apply for Calgary roofing jobs at Superior Roofing LTD?

A: To apply for our Calgary roofing jobs, visit our Careers page, browse the available positions, and click on the "Apply Now" button.


Calgary Roofing Company Hiring FAQs


Q: Is your Calgary roofing company hiring?

A: Yes, we are actively seeking dedicated individuals to join our team. Check our Careers page for the latest job openings.


Q: What qualities does your Calgary roofing company look for in potential hires?

A: We value a strong work ethic, attention to detail, safety awareness, and a passion for the roofing industry.


Q: Do you provide training for new hires at your Calgary roofing company?

A: Absolutely, we offer training programs for both roofing apprentices and experienced roofers to ensure everyone has the necessary skills for success.


Calgary Roofing Journeyman FAQs


Q: Are you currently hiring a Calgary roofing journeyman?

A: Yes, we are interested in experienced journeyman roofers joining our team and contributing their expertise to our projects.


Q: What qualifications are required to be considered as a Calgary roofing journeyman?

A: We typically seek journeyman roofers with proven experience, a Red Seal certification, and a strong track record in the industry.


Q: How can I apply for the position of Calgary roofing journeyman at Superior Roofing LTD?

A: Visit our Careers page and look for the Calgary Roofing Journeyman position. Click on the "Apply Now" button to submit your application.


Calgary Roofing Apprentice FAQs


Q: Does Superior Roofing LTD offer opportunities for Calgary roofing apprentices?

A: Yes, we are dedicated to fostering the growth of aspiring roofers through our roofing apprentice program.


Q: What is the role of a Calgary roofing apprentice at your company?

A: As a roofing apprentice, you'll assist experienced roofers, learn valuable skills, and contribute to various roofing projects.


Q: What qualifications are necessary to become a Calgary roofing apprentice?

A: We value enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and a genuine interest in building a roofing career.

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