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Calgary's Top-Rated Vinyl Siding Installation for Your Property


  • Low Maintenance: Vinyl siding requires minimal upkeep; no repainting or rot repairs needed.

  • High Durability: Built to last, vinyl siding withstands harsh weather conditions, maintaining its quality over time.

  • Cost-Effective: An affordable option that saves on future maintenance costs.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Enhances your property's exterior renovation with a range of stylish options that look great.

  • Economical Investment: Offers long-term savings as a versatile and practical choice for renovation.

  • Material Variety: Ask us about the wide range of material options available for your vinyl siding project.

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Beautiful, durable, eco-friendly, and maintenance free. Vinyl Siding is a popular choice for property owners looking to elevate their exterior.

As tough as it is stylish, vinyl sliding has evolved over time from a practical choice to one of unmatched beauty. We have a variety of option to choose from complete with realistic textures and stunning finishes.

As a cost-effective exterior option, vinyl siding is designed to last with minimum upkeep. You won't have to worry about having to replace panels or buy paint, helping you save money.

Get in touch today and discover our vinyl siding options.

Achieve Your Exterior Project Goals


Request a Free Estimate

Kick off your vinyl siding project with Superior Roofing by requesting a no-obligation, free estimate. Provide us with the details of your siding needs, and we'll prepare a comprehensive, customized quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Get Started in 3 EASY Steps


Personalized Consultation

After providing your estimate, we'll arrange a detailed consultation to discuss your vinyl siding project further. This step includes exploring various siding options, materials, and styles that complement your property's architecture and reflect your personal taste. Our objective is to ensure the selected vinyl siding solution aligns perfectly with your vision and significantly enhances your property's curb appeal.


Professional Installation and Final Inspection

Once the planning is finalized and materials are chosen, our skilled team will commence the vinyl siding installation process. We focus on delivering efficient, high-quality workmanship while minimizing disruption to your daily routine. Upon completion, we conduct a thorough inspection to verify that the installation meets our stringent standards and achieves your total satisfaction.


When looking for the best vinyl siding company in Calgary, Alberta, it's important to find a professional who offers personalized service, good customer care, and get recommendations. Conducting thorough research is key for property owners seeking improvement services and design.

Finding the Right Vinyl Siding Installers: Key Takeaways


Research Before Hiring


Calgary, Alberta's ever-changing and extreme weather, with scorching hot summers, freezing snowy winters, and sudden warm Chinook winds, requires tough siding materials. This variation calls for siding that can handle temperature changes, strong winds, and potential hail. The initial search is just the beginning.

Vet Contractors Carefully


Before hiring a siding contractor, check their credentials and reputation. Make sure they have licenses and insurance, and experience with the challenges in your area. Focus on value over price, as you want their expertise for a safer installation. Verify if they are part of the Calgary Construction Association or manufacturer members for extra assurance.

Get Multiple Quotes


Calgary residents want the best for their properties, so choosing a contractor with good quotes, reliable team, and happy service is important. Check online reviews and ratings on sites like Houzz, ask for recommendations from friends or family, and make sure the contractors are licensed, insured, and offer a safety warranty.

Factor in Installation Costs

When choosing vinyl siding, consider materials, installation costs, and pre-construction services. Costs may differ depending on the contractor, project complexity, and any potential issues that need fixing. For instance, a whole house may cost more upfront than just one floor. To avoid problems, clarify property lines early to prevent delays and neighbor conflicts. Sheathing is also a good choice.

Opt for Professional Installation

In Calgary, professionals can handle installation issues smoothly, saving time and money. Hiring experts prevents DIY mistakes and ensures better results. Outsourcing to experienced professionals can help with design ideas and customer service. Safety is a top priority for siding companies, who are skilled in taking precautions and working with insurance.

Follow Installation Guidelines

If you decide to do it yourself in a city like Calgary, follow the manufacturer's guidelines closely. Not following them could cause problems that may impact your whole house later on.

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For 25 years, Superior Roofing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has provided top-quality roofing services. We focus on safety with strict health and safety programs to protect our team and clients.

Siding Contractor Planning and Pre-requisite

When planning to hire a siding contractor, there are several important prerequisites to consider before making your decision.


  • Firstly, ensure that the contractor is licensed and insured to protect yourself from any liability in case of accidents or damages during the project.

  • Additionally, check for references and reviews from previous clients to gauge the contractor's reputation and quality of work. It is also essential to discuss the scope of work, timeline, and cost upfront to avoid any misunderstandings later on.

  • Finally, make sure to get a written contract detailing all aspects of the project to protect both parties involved. By taking these steps, you can ensure a smooth and successful siding installation project.

Residential vs Commercial


It's important to know the distinctions between residential and commercial siding jobs. Commercial projects usually have bigger needs and special obstacles because of the size, structure, and property boundaries of the buildings.

  • For commercial projects, specialized equipment and expertise are essential due to their complexity. Inspections and approval from the governing body take precedence over everything else. Quotes tend to be higher for these types of projects. Professionals for both interior and exterior work are typically required most of the time.

  • When it comes to residential projects, they are usually smaller in scale and budget compared to commercial ones. Property owners typically focus on local siding services, which can present unique challenges. These challenges may involve communicating with neighbours about property boundaries and seeking advice from fence contractors based on the property lines and its limits.


Choosing a Contractor

Essential Questions


Make sure there is someone in charge of the project. Get clear on how long it will take and how much it will cost. Share what you want and need with the project manager. Siding usually lasts 20-30 years, but less if the previous installation didn't have a rainscreen.

Signs of Reputability


Positive reviews indicate quality work performed by skilled professionals. A reputable siding contractor will readily provide proof of insurance and licensing upon request. Reading testimonials from satisfied clients can instill confidence in your decision-making process.

Installation Costs


Average Costs


In Calgary, putting up vinyl siding in a regular house usually costs $5,000 to $15,000. The size of the house and materials used can affect the cost. Fiber cement siding is pricier than vinyl but lasts longer and keeps the design intact.

Benefits of Professional Hiring


Efficiency And Quality Assurance


Efficiency is key in siding projects. Construction work may be required at the beginning to save time and money. Hiring professional contractors from trusted siding companies ensures a smoother process, avoiding delays and speeding things up. Property owners can expect quick, high-quality results with fewer interruptions when working with reputable professionals from local siding companies.

Quality assurance is important for successful siding projects. Professional contractors use top-notch materials for durability and good looks. High-quality products ensure long-lasting results. Hiring a third party also reduces the risk of damage to your property.



Before starting any improvement project, property owners should have a professional inspection to check for subfloor problems that could damage new vinyl and cost a lot to repair later. It's also important to consult with multiple professionals and inspectors before moving forward with any projects on your property.

Property owners Insurance


Vinyl siding for your property might not be covered by insurance. Talk to your insurance company about adding extra coverage. Different insurance companies have different rules, so check if they prefer certain contractors or don't cover DIY projects.

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For 25 years, Superior Roofing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has provided top-quality roofing services. We focus on safety with strict health and safety programs to protect our team and clients.

Transform your property with Superior Roofing's premium vinyl siding! Offering unmatched durability and minimal maintenance, our vinyl siding is an affordable way to enhance your property's curb appeal and efficiency. With a variety of styles and colors, you can customize yourproperty's exterior to perfectly match your aesthetic. Invest in a long-lasting solution that saves you money on future repairs. Contact Superior Roofing today to explore our vinyl siding options and elevate your property's appearance effortlessly!

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