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Solar Operations

Calgary Commercial Solar Installation

Power of the sun

Calgary's commercial solar installations are key for businesses wanting to cut carbon emissions and save money in the long run. This move supports global sustainability efforts and is smart financially, despite Calgary's specific climate and rules. Solar power solutions are not just good for the environment; they're a wise choice for companies in different industries. Superior Roofing can help!

Solar Panels

Benefits of Solar Installation

Financial Gains


Businesses in Calgary opting for commercial solar installation can see immediate financial benefits. The first gain is a significant reduction in electricity bills. Solar power generates substantial energy, reducing reliance on traditional power sources and cutting costs.

Another advantage is the enhanced property valuation. Commercial properties with solar installations are often valued higher than those without. This increase can be up to 4%, making it a wise investment for business owners looking at long-term rewards.

Lastly, there are the long-term savings on energy costs. Over time, the initial cost of installing solar panels pays off through consistent savings on electricity bills.

Property Value


Solar installations not only save money but also make commercial properties more attractive to potential buyers or tenants. A building equipped with solar panels can command higher lease rates.

The boost in property value by up to 4% mentioned earlier makes this an enticing option for businesses aiming to improve their assets' marketability and appeal.

Environmental Impact


By choosing commercial solar installation, Calgary businesses significantly reduce their carbon footprint. This action supports sustainability goals and contributes positively towards combating climate change at a local level.

It's clear that going green isn't just about helping the planet—it also makes good business sense.

Solar Energy in Calgary's Climate

Cold Climate Feasibility


Many believe that cold weather negatively impacts solar panel performance. This is a misconception. In reality, solar panels operate more efficiently in cooler temperatures. Calgary's climate is no exception.

The city experiences cold temperatures for a significant part of the year. Fortunately, this doesn't deter the effectiveness of solar energy systems. In fact, snowfall can benefit these systems by cleaning the panels naturally. This helps maintain their efficiency without extra effort from the owner.

Weather Resilience


Calgary faces severe weather conditions throughout the year, including hail and heavy snowfalls. One might question the durability of solar panels under such circumstances.

However, modern solar panels are built to last and withstand extreme weather events common in Calgary. They undergo rigorous testing for hail impact resistance and ability to bear heavy snow loads without damage or significant efficiency loss.

Minimal maintenance is required once they're installed correctly by professionals specializing in Calgary commercial solar installation services.

Solar Power Station
Sun power
Solar Panels

Process and Options for Installation

Assessing Viability

Building Suitability


The first step in the Calgary commercial solar installation process involves a thorough assessment of your building. Experts look at the roof's structure and its orientation to ensure it can support solar panels effectively.


They consider factors like shading from nearby buildings or trees and how much space is available. For different types of buildings, whether large warehouses or small offices, custom solutions are designed to fit each unique need.

This stage is crucial because it determines how efficiently your solar system will operate. A well-oriented roof with minimal shading can significantly increase energy production.

Solar Club Rates


Joining a solar club or co-op offers numerous benefits during the installation process. Members typically gain access to group discount rates, making the transition to solar more affordable. These clubs also provide a platform for sharing knowledge and resources about solar energy.

By banding together, businesses can negotiate lower rates for their installations through bulk purchases. This collective bargaining power reduces individual costs and fosters community support around renewable energy initiatives.

Turnkey Solutions


For business owners seeking a hassle-free approach to adopting solar power, turnkey solutions are ideal. These comprehensive services cover every aspect of the installation process from start to finish—including initial assessments, securing permits, designing the system tailored to specific needs, financing options, and ongoing maintenance.

Opting for a turnkey solution means minimal disruption to daily operations as experts handle all details behind scenes ensuring smooth transition towards sustainable energy use without sacrificing productivity time.

Turnkey providers streamline this complex journey into an efficient pathway towards greener business practices by offering expert guidance every step of way ensuring that clients receive quality service that meets their exact requirements while leveraging latest technology advancements in field.

Financial Incentives and Rebates

Businesses in Calgary can save on installation costs. Government grants encourage eco-friendly upgrades, including solar panels.

To be eligible, your property must meet certain criteria. Savings can be significant, reducing upfront expenses. This initiative supports businesses in adopting green energy solutions.

Solar Power

Federal Tax Credits


Solar installations come with federal tax benefits. These credits lower the project's overall cost. They cover a specific percentage of the expenditure.

Businesses must follow guidelines to apply these credits effectively. The process involves calculating the investment and applying the credit accordingly. This financial support makes solar systems more attractive to commercial entities.

Local Incentives


Calgary offers its own set of incentives for solar power adoption. These local rebates enhance the returns on your solar investment. They are part of municipal efforts to promote renewable energy sources.

Grants and subsidies may be available from local government bodies. Their availability depends on current policies and funding allocations. These incentives demonstrate Calgary's commitment to sustainable development.

Grid-Tied Systems and Usage

Grid Integration


Connecting a solar system to the local power grid is vital. It allows homeowners and businesses in Calgary to use renewable energy efficiently. The process involves technical assessments and adhering to specific regulations. Net metering programs are a key benefit of grid integration. They let owners sell excess electricity back to the grid, reducing overall costs.

Calgary has its own set of requirements for connecting solar systems to the grid. These include safety standards and performance specifications. Understanding these rules is crucial for a smooth integration process.

Billing Tenants


For property owners, distributing solar energy costs among tenants requires careful planning. Strategies include adjusting rental agreements or incorporating utility fees directly into rent prices. Legal considerations must not be overlooked during this process.

Offering green energy options can make properties more attractive to potential tenants. It's an effective way to stand out in competitive markets like Calgary's real estate scene.

Excess Energy Utilization


There are two main ways to handle surplus solar energy: battery storage or selling it back through feed-in tariffs.

  • Battery storage lets you keep excess energy for later use.

  • Feed-in tariffs provide financial returns by feeding unused electricity back into the public grid.


Choosing between these options depends on several factors:

  • Initial investment cost,

  • Expected energy surplus,

  • Personal or business financial goals.

Maximizing returns from excess production requires understanding both methods' pros and cons.


Long Term Clean Energy Benefits!

Seamless & Professional Installation

Customized Solutions for Every Roof

Reliable Aftercare and Support

Energy Independence

Warranty & Financing

Solar Panels on Factory Building

ROI and Lifespan of Solar Panels

ROI Timeline


The return on investment (ROI) for commercial solar installations in Calgary typically spans several years. On average, businesses can expect a payback period ranging from 6 to 10 years. This timeline is influenced by factors such as the size of the solar system installed and how much electricity your business uses.

Businesses that consume large amounts of power will see quicker returns. The reason is simple: more usage means more savings on utility bills. With traditional energy costs rising over time, investing in solar power becomes even more financially appealing.

Average Lifespan


Commercial solar panel systems boast an impressive lifespan, often exceeding 25 years. This longevity ensures that businesses enjoy sustained benefits long after achieving their initial return on investment.

Maintenance requirements are minimal throughout this period. Routine checks and occasional cleaning are usually enough to keep the system running smoothly. Most commercial installations come with warranties spanning up to 25 years, covering major components like panels and inverters.

Local Calgary Companies Offerings

Solar Power Systems


Local companies in Calgary are expanding their offerings to include various types of solar power systems. These range from photovoltaic systems, which convert sunlight directly into electricity, to thermal systems that use sunlight to heat water or air for use inside the building. The choice between these depends on your business needs and the specifics of your premises.

For instance, a photovoltaic system might be ideal for businesses with high electricity demands during daylight hours. In contrast, a thermal system could benefit companies looking to reduce their heating costs. Moreover, advancements in solar technology mean these systems are now more efficient and produce more output than ever before. Tailoring the size and type of your solar installation is crucial for maximizing benefits.

Installation Services


Choosing the right installer is vital for ensuring your commercial solar project's success in Calgary or Okotoks areas. Look for certified professionals who have extensive experience with commercial installations. This ensures they understand the unique challenges and requirements of installing large-scale solar solutions.

The importance of selecting an experienced company cannot be overstated. They not only provide quality installation but also offer valuable post-installation support services. This includes maintenance checks and troubleshooting any issues that may arise after installation, ensuring your investment continues to pay off long-term.

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Overcoming Challenges

Cloudy and Snowy Days


Calgary's winters bring many cloudy and snowy days. These conditions can reduce solar panel performance. However, mitigation strategies exist to help. Positioning panels at optimal angles maximizes light capture during low-light conditions. Technological advancements also play a great job in enhancing efficiency.

Businesses should set realistic expectations for energy production throughout the year. The summer months will likely see higher energy output than winter months. Yet, with proper planning and technology, significant dips in production can be minimized.

Off-Grid Concerns


Going completely off-grid presents unique challenges for urban businesses in Calgary. Storage capacity is a critical issue. Solar systems must store enough energy to meet nighttime needs and cloudy day demands.

Reliability is another concern for off-grid operations. Businesses must ensure their system can consistently meet their energy needs without fail.

A cost-benefit analysis often shows grid-tied solutions as more feasible for most businesses.

  • Pros of grid-tied systems include lower upfront costs and backup power from the grid.

  • Cons involve dependency on the grid and potential net metering policies changes.

Wrapping Up


The transition to solar energy in Calgary represents a forward-thinking move towards sustainability and economic efficiency. The benefits, ranging from financial incentives to positive environmental impacts, underscore the value of commercial solar installation.


Calgary's climate, coupled with the technological advancements in solar panels, offers a conducive environment for harnessing solar power effectively. Local companies provide comprehensive solutions, addressing challenges and maximizing the potential for return on investment. This initiative not only supports the global effort against climate change but also presents a viable financial model for businesses in Calgary.

Considering the outlined advantages and support systems in place, businesses are encouraged to explore solar installation as a strategic investment. Engaging with reputable local providers will ensure a smooth transition to renewable energy, contributing to a sustainable future while optimizing operational costs. Take action today for a greener tomorrow.

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