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When is the Best Time to Replace a Roof?


Roof installment is best during winter or fall since the weather conditions will be favorable to do so. For Calgary roofing companies reviews Roofing It is a good practice to have your roof inspected ASAP to avoid replacements during summer and rains as the hot conditions make it almost impossible to work continuously. Also, the probability of damages to the tiles and accessory materials are high during the two seasons.

Winter Benefits of Roof Changing – Costing per Shingle Matters

If you look closely at the types of shingles available, you can observe their design and construction to be different, based on the material and the composition. The most commonly used types are asphalt, wood, slate, composite, bituminous, and concrete, etc. These are the common types that are used for home roofs.

If you want to replace the roof of your warehouse, workshop, or any other commercial outlet, you can choose from metals like copper (expensive but durable), ceramic clay, polymer sand, or stone.

Extended Lifespan– Best During Winter

The lifespan of the shingles depends on the set period after installation. If you choose winter, there will be plenty of setting time and the weather conditions will also be favorable. The possibility of cracks, brittleness, and other seasonal damages during winter is almost zero.

Add Coating – Improves Strength and Stability

You can add a coating of aluminum, copper, coal, or tar to the shingles (of course, on both ends), to make them stronger and durable. The coating protects the shingles from direct exposure to sunlight and UV during summer. They also protect the shingles from the wear-tear, rusting, and corrosion during rains.

Affordability and Durability – How to Choose Both

If you consider pure copper or other high-quality metals, they could be highly expensive and unaffordable for you. If you consider asphalt, concrete, or aluminum, the quality could be relatively low. But they are durable for decades if you know how to choose the right structure and design of shingles.

Shingle Size and Composition – Durability Enhancement

Curved asphalt shingle can withstand weather and climatic conditions better than a plain surface shingle. It is for the simple reason that snow, water, and humidity drain down and they don’t stick onto the surface of shingles. Hence, the shingles are relatively more secure.

The curves on shingles could be of multiple types, from rounded cones, U-shape, V-shape, and open curve to curved shingles with tubular sides that can slide into each other for fitment.

Screw-Driven Vs Screw-less Shingles – Protection Matters

Shingles that fit with fasteners can be effective if the base roof structure allows the fastening of screws on the two-sided of the shingle.

That means the shingle has to fit into a square or rectangular section of the roof perfectly. Then it is possible to fasten the screws easily. If you are using a screw-less shingle with slots for fitment, you have to ensure there is absolutely no gap between the adjoining shingles.

Cost per Shingle – Lowest During Winter

Winter is a time when many of the contractors are off work due to low demand. It is also the time when the shingle manufacturers and distributors in your region could reduce the pricing to a considerable extent. Moreover, the installation cost will also be significantly low compared to the busy seasons wherein you may not find the best workers also.

Weekend Work Vs Weekday Work – How to Choose

DIY roof replacements are possible only during weekends or holidays since you will be free to do the job consistently without break. Even if you were to opt for an experienced contractor, you have to make sure that your presence is required to monitor the progress, quality, and safety of structures.

It is very important to choose the most experienced and expert workers from your contractor for doing the replacement since they can understand the existing roof structure of your home easily. You need to understand the material quality, quantity, and the type of roofing that is most appropriate for your home.

If you are planning to call the contractor during weekends, it is important to ensure the work happens within a specific number of days. Some of the contractors may charge you for the entire project of roof replacement. It is good for you because they will be in a hurry to complete the project as quickly as possible with the best quality they can deliver.

On the other hand, if the contractor is charging you based on hours or days, they may try to prolong the work. It is for the simple reason that they will earn more for the same volume of work done. So, you have to ensure they don’t do that and complete the work within a finite deadline.

Emergency Roof Replacements – No Waiting for Season

What to do if you have a leaking or damaged roof in your home? It is obvious that you can’t wait for the winter or fall to arrive at your doorstep. So, you need to replace the roof immediately without waiting. However, you can take certain steps to ensure you have chosen the best contractor. Here is how it goes.

  • Search for best contractors (make a list of at least 5 to 6)

  • Compare price, quality, etc

  • Select the best among them

  • Follow up for material purchase

  • Choose the best time (early morning or late evening)

  • Assign and monitor the work

You may have to shift your household belongings to a temporary place during roof repair. Make sure it is comfortable and safe for your family.


Once you have started the work during winter or the fall, make sure it goes on until completion. Leaving the work unfinished or postponing could be risky. So, it is better to prepare your budget for the entire replacement procedures before making a decision.

Look for direct material procurement options, if you want to save on their cost. But it is better to find a contractor who can take care of all the procedures from start to finish. It is the most feasible method you can find for roof replacement.


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