Rubber Roofing Calgary Advantages and Drawbacks

Euroshield rubber roofing manages to be environmentally friendly and a solid choice for your roofing material with a great warranty. Should you opt for a Euroshield rubber roof in Calgary, Alberta, you are buying into a product created from 95% recycled materials, including 70% recycled rubber tires. Being comprised of 95% recycled materials also means that the scraps created by the roofing rubber can be collected and recycled continuously with no worry about quality plummeting. Here are some of the pros and cons of rubber roofing in Calgary, AB.

  • The cost is one of its biggest selling points. Thanks to the heavy reliance on recycled rubber, the production cost is lower than alternatives, such as wood or metal.

  • There’s also the matter of the installation process. Low installation fees are synonymous with rubber shingles. That’s because the installation process is a simple one, especially when a professional is called in to do the job.

  • Your rubber roof shingles typically require low to no routine maintenance. If there is even a panel leak to be addressed, you can address your roof yourself by getting liquid rubber and applying it to the leaky area. Heavy-duty repair tape is also an option that has you covered.

  • There are fewer seems than you may find in another roofing system since the sheets can cover most to all for your roof. Therefore, rubber roofing products are less likely to experience water damage since the water cannot flow under the material so easily. A rubber roof is also resistant to harsh weather. Having a hail-resistant roofing product is very welcome, whether you live in SE Calgary, NW Calgary, or anywhere else in the area

  • A rubber roof has a lightweight design. With other types of shingles, you sometimes need to reinforce the roof for it to effectively support their weight. With a rubber roof, you need not concern yourself with doing that since the traditional heavy weight is a non-factor

Disadvantages of Rubber Roofing

  • If you are looking for a roofing option that is easy on the eyes, then you may want to go with another choice. If the appearance of the shingles doesn’t matter, then there is nothing to worry about. So, it is almost a no-brainer for your garage or shed. However, you can use the shingles on your Calgary, AB home with one small modification. Just paint the rubber roofing using a lighter colour. It doesn’t affect the quality and it can make for a better look. Additionally, lighter colours reflect the sun’s rays very well, which contributes to keeping your house cool.

  • Rubber roofing may be long-lasting and resistant to scratches, but punctures are a problem. The wind could potentially cause a branch to fall on the roof and tear it. Still, you can repair the tears using a fast and easy process, so this issue may not encourage you to not install rubber roofing.

  • People did not start installing rubber roofs centuries ago. Even now, the roofing type is not the most common thing in the world. The problem this creates is that an installer that is going to do a high-quality job is hard to come by.

Euroshield Rubber Roofing Variations

Euroshield roofing products are available in several different premium roofing profiles that give you some customizability as you make your choice. The said Euroshield products include:

  • Ranchlands Shake – Great for people who want a wood-looking roof without the wood. It has a thick butt edge and was designed to accurately replicate the aesthetic of a hand-split design very well.

  • Harvest Shake – This Euroshield roof variation is like the Ranchlands option but is thinner and lighter.

  • Beaumont Shake – This is the newest Euroshield option as it has only been around since 2016. It features a 9″ exposure to the weather. It is currently the most authentic-looking variation that you can get your hands on from Euroshield.

  • Rundle Slate – This was one known as EuroSlate. EuroSlate was the original profile, which was designed to be the perfect replacement for the chiselled-edge slate which was extremely thick. It replicates the real slate experience incredibly well,

  • Granville Slate – This New England-inspired design is the lighter and thinner version of the Rundle alternative that Euroshield offers.

  • Vermont Slate – Finally there is the “hail proof” option, which is the first solid core product on the Euroshield market. Its hail-proof distinction is well earned since it resists hail damage completely for the first 20 years at least.

Rubber Roofing FAQ

How Much Should a Rubber Roof Cost in SE Calgary?

Unfortunately, no set price can be given, as you may find that your eco-friendly shingles cost much more to install. For example, if you want EuroShake roofing, you cannot get a general price. Instead, you must get an evaluation and quote, so you know what kind of price tag you are dealing with.

Is Rubber Roofing Better Than Asphalt Shingles?

If you stack your Harvest Shake up against asphalt, for example, the advantages are almost purely going to be in the corner of the former. The only thing category the latter would win in is the aesthetic one since it looks more appealing naturally.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Calgary?

Several different costs go into installing a new roof in Calgary. However, all of them fall under parts or labour costs. The parts cost is variable, and it makes the biggest difference in what you are going to pay. The only way to get an accurate figure is to have a contractor do a quote for you based on whatever unique requirements you may have.

How Long Do Rubber Shingles Last?

Wind and other element resistances make options, such as EuroShake very appealing. Rubber roofing is very hardy, and it is not uncommon for it to last up to 50 years when used, which is more than enough.