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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Euroshield Roofing

Euroshield is probably the most durable rubber roofing option in the market to date and has incorporated tires and recyclable elements to shield your home. Outside elements are no match against the composition of the highest quality virgin crumb rubber derived from recycled tires.

Virgin crumb rubber or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a type of synthetic rubber made from ethylene, propylene, and diene monomer through a Sulphur vulcanizing process. Virgin crumb rubber is used for heavy-duty activities such as lifting weights, sports fields, and playgrounds.

With Euroshield installed, you won’t have to stress about roof repairs or inspection because you’ll have the most indestructible protection there is on the market.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider Euroshield roofing.

Extensive Hail Durability

Exceeding the durability of the highest impact level, surpassing even UL2218 Class 4, Euroshield wanted to go beyond true impact resistance. With the increasing size of hail, you’ll need the best roofing counter against chunks of ice. Euroshield has $0 in hail damage claims on roofing products to date. You don’t need to worry about unpredictable hail when you have the right protection.

Eco-Friendly Commitment

Euroshield is a sustainable product that doesn't harm the environment. Instead of dumping all the carbon and synthetic rubber into the landfill, Euroshield believes in resurrecting unusable tires and giving them another purpose. All Euroshield rubber roofs are manufactured from 95 percent recycled materials which are 70 percent rubber tires and 30 percent proprietary blends of others.

With Euroshield’s dedication to going green, about 250 – 1000 tires can cover an average-sized home resulting in over 3.5 million tires successfully diverted to landfills.

Extreme Wind Resistance

When it comes to combating intense winds, Euroshield has a unique tongue and groove interlocking panel system that provides superior protection from intense winds. Alberta averages about 15 tornadoes annually with a windspeed of 90 kilometres per hour. Euroshield has been proven to easily withstand windspeeds of 274 kilometres per hour (170 miles per hour) for six hours in the Euroshield testing laboratory.

Increase Home Value

Home insurance companies in Alberta are aware of the long-lasting durability rubber roofing provides. Home insurance can be reduced up to 20 percent, and the overall home value will increase by 70 percent of the money invested on the roof as ROI. Most insurance companies in Southern Alberta will offer a reduced insurance rate of typically 20 percent reduction year after year.

Life Expectancy

Euroshield is proven and guaranteed to last 50 years and is resistant to common roofing problems – such as splitting, peeling, cracking, rotting, and fading. The tire components used in Euroshield rubber roofing is so tough that you’ll feel like your roof is going to last forever.

UV Protection

Euroshield Rubber Roofing is built with industry-leading Ultraviolet Light protection thanks to its rubber components. Rubber tires have natural carbon black that absorbs UV Light preventing the deterioration of your roof.

Minimized Noise

Noise from outside elements on your roof can be very frustrating to deal with when you are trying to sleep – from heavy rain, hail or animals sheltering on your roof. Rubber roofing repels the noise from entering your home, and rubber is the quietest roofing alternative there is. You can comfortably rest without any disturbance coming from above.

Euroshield supplies 13 countries in North America and Europe. Because of Euroshield rubber roofing’s unmatched performance and unbeatable warranty, Superior Roofing selected the best rubber roofing manufacturer to date. Whether you want rubber roofing installed for your residential or commercial property, we can install your Euroshield rubber roof today. Reach out to us on our main page.


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